1) Engineering parts and components for playground, snowmobiles and for material equipment.
Service equipment for mining industry have also arisen a new challenge for us.
For example scrapers for belt cleaners are one of our special designed products
to offer for mining industry and other further development areas.

2) Engineering production, specialized hardening methods for components with soldered carbide technologies.
The springs used for playground seesaw figures have been a part of our special product line nearly 30 years.
The production of snowmobile handlebars, using especially hardened components
have been an important part of our production for nearly 20 years.
Effective processes and working methods are always necessary in production.
Most of the tools and devices used in our production are also designed and made at Heiskarin Teräspaja.

3) Strength, durability and safety achieved with our proprietary hardening and soldering methods are still unrivalled on the international market.
We are utilizing our experience and knowledge of tools and equipment,
in developing new tools and devices for different application areas.
Mining industry is one of our new challenges, where our target is to develop
new special solutions for different kinds of customer needs.


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